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The Metro Deaf School in St. Paul, MN, could not afford a cafeteria. Meals were catered, and students sat at their desks to eat lunch. But that all changed this year, when Zach LaVine, a guard on the Minnesota Timberwolves, won the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest for the second time. He admits, "The biggest part for me growing up was interacting with kids during lunch time and recess, and he'd taken American Sign Language classes in high school and college, and he decided to use $10,000 of his Slam...

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What star is that? Why is it we always need a name? Somehow names are important to all of us. We naturally feel more of a connection when we know what the type of tree in our backyard is called or the species of a bird at our feeder. The same goes...

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Full Moon occurs Friday, April 22. We tend to take it for granted these days, but who among us isn’t pleased to see the Moon big and bright? We only get to see the Full Moon every 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, although for a couple of nights...

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It seems like climate change deniers are confident in their unfounded beliefs, as long as their money is not on the line. Popular television presenter Bill Nye, “the science guy,” offered two $20,000 dollar bets to Marc Morano, a...

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The Brooklyn debate between Democrats on Thursday highlighted the disparities between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders perhaps better than any before it, and Twitter showed the world was watching.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders drew parallels between himself and Pope Francis on Friday during a high-profile trip to the Vatican.

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Six years later, drivers still sail past signsHAWLEY - Newsflash: Welwood Avenue is closed to Route 6. You can't get up that way anymore.

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