The quality of the activities students take part in the Wallenpaupack Area School District was highlighted by the display of award recently earned by the WAHS Players.

The quality of the activities students take part in the Wallenpaupack Area School District was highlighted by the display of award recently earned by the WAHS Players.

Alison Hoffman, advisor of the WAHS Players and director of the group’s production of “Damn Yankees,” told the School Board, during the Board’s June business meeting, about the Spotlight Awards the WAHS Players won for that production. The Spotlight Award was developed to honor high school theater by the non-profit group which operates the Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg. The competition was created last year for schools in Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties.

She explained Judges from each of the four counties evaluated WAHS performances of “Damn Yankees” as well as performances by nine other schools. The judges then made nominations for 20 different awards.

Hoffman proudly noted the cast of “Damn Yankees” received nominations in 18 of the 20 awards. She noted one of the awards they were not nominated for they did not qualify for.

She said Wallenpaupack had the largest presence at the awards ceremony May 30, which included performances by WAHS and other schools. She said WAHS received seven awards out of the 20, more then any other school.

The awards include:

Best Choreography, which was given with two dance scholarships to an area dance studio;

• Best Direction, with a $100 gift certificate to the Sherman Theatre’

• Best Pit Orchestra with a $100 gift certificate;

• Best Ensemble Group for the baseball layers with a scholarship towards WAHS’s next production;

• Best Lead Actor which went to Johnny Napolitano for his depiction of Mr. Applegate. He also received a $250 scholarship;

• Student achievement award went to stage manager Keyne Rice. She also received a $250 scholarship; and

• Best overall production which included a $1,500 award towards WAHS’s next production.

“As a graduate of Wallenpaupack nothing could make me prouder than to return here and continue to strengthen our arts programs,” Hoffman said. She offered her thanks to the administration, community and school board for supporting the programs.

“You will hopefully be hearing from us next year with more fantastic news,” she said, adding that they would continue working with the Spotlight Awards program.

In other business, the Board approved several items to work with the local communities.

The Board approved making donations to the area public libraries  within the District. Superintendent Michael Silsby said the amount was increased by three percent over last year.

The Board gave $5,665 to the Hawley Public Library and $1,285 to the Newfoundland Public Library and the Pike County Public Library, Greeley Branch.

The Board also approved allowing communities events to use the grounds. The first will be the Hawley-Lake Wallenpaupack Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Fireworks Display.

The Chamber will use the school parking lots and the stadium so visitors can view the fireworks which are setoff over Lake Wallenpaupack near the High School. The fireworks are set for July 4 with a raindate of July 5.

The Board also approved allowing the GDS Fair to use the parking areas at the South Elementary School for the annual Fair which is set for Aug. 26 to Sept. 1 this year.  Both are annual requests.

The Wallenpaupack Area School District Board of Education meets the second Monday, 6 pm, in the High School Library, Route 6, east of Hawley. The Board will take a recess from its meeting schedule in July. The next meeting is scheduled for August 11.