WXW C4 is proud to announce it's debut in Jermyn, PA on Saturday, May 19th at Three Kings, 603 Rt 6, Racqueteers Plaza.

WXW C4 is proud to announce it's debut in Jermyn, PA on Saturday, May 19th at Three Kings, 603 Rt 6, Racqueteers Plaza.

Tickets are only $12 GA and $15 ringside for a 7:30 pm Belltime.

All of your favorite WXW C4 stars will be in attendance including former WWE Stars Headshrinker Samu, Afa Jr aka Manu and the current WXW C4 Ultimate World Champion, Gene Snisky!

Gene recently defeated Afa Jr. for the title in a No DQ match that went all over the building, only to be hit with a baby carriage by the returning Eric Cobian.

Afa has stated that he is not done with Gene and has payback in mind for Cobian. After taking out two newcomers this past weekend, Afa has made it evident that he has aggression to get out - the question is who will he take it out on next and what will come of this siutation in Jermyn?

And what role will the Great Samu play after coming to his brother's aid in Wind Gap? One thing is for sure, this feud is escalating to new heights between THREE former WWE stars.

Champions will be in the house as TV Champion Lance Anoa'i and Tag Team Champions The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz will both be in the house to defend their titles.

DRS came up short in the Samoan Cup after losing to bitter rivals AC Anderson and Havoc. The DRS did repay the favor by costing Anderson and Havoc the Samoan Cup in the finals and now The South Side Terminators are determined to take the gold back, and from around the waist of the DRS.

Speaking of titles, many roster members will have a homecoming on the 19th and could cause local rivalries to heat up.

"Smooth" Tommy Suede, one of the stars of the movie "The Wrestler" has spent most of his adult life in and around Lackawanna County and intends on coming to Jermyn and showing all why his Hybrid Championship is the most important Championship in the world.

Additionally, his manager, Doc Daniels, is no stanger to Lackawanna County himself. As an Alumni of Wilkes University, Doc has made it clear that he hates Scranton and anyone that has come out of the town, touting that the University of Scranton doesn't hold a candle to Wilkes University.

With Jermyn being smack in the middle of the two Universities, could Tommy Suede's match in Jermyn be more then just about defending his title, or will it cause tension between the residents of Wilkes Barre and Scranton?

Another man returning home is Supreme Lee Great. Hailing from the Great City of Crestwood High, SLG has taken his feud with newcomer David Starr to a new level.

After being defeated by Starr in a Gauntlet match by DQ this past weekend, Starr was granted his rematch against SLG at Sportsfest 2012. What does Supreme Lee Great have in store for Starr in front of his own family and friends?

Two more men coming home are King's Alumni Sgt RJR and AJ Sabotage. RJR recentley had a falling out with former manager Shawn Credle and stable mate Nui Tofiga.

Credle had felt that The Privates loss last month to become number one contenders at the Tag Titles was unacceptable. Now former allies are on the opposite sides of the ring of eachother. Has Credle made the right choice?

AJ Sabotage is a Scranton native who returned to WXW C4 this past weekend, but came up shorter against veteran Flash Wheeler. Sabotage is excited to return home and perform in front of his family and friends and is determined to get the home town win.

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