Wayne & Pike County softball fans are in for a treat as league officials have announced the revival of an old diamond tradition. Next Friday night, the 2012 Wayne County Men's Softball League will hold its all-star game as a prelude to the 2nd Annual Waymart Benefit Tournament.

Fans of the men’s softball scene will be happy to hear that local officials are about to revive a long dormant diamond tradition.

This year’s edition of the Waymart Benefit Softball Tournament will begin Friday, July 13 with the Wayne County Men’s League All Star Game. This star-studded contest will feature players from all 10 teams in a fan-friendly setting.

Gametime is 7:30 p.m. at the Homer Dome in Waymart.

Back in “The Day”...when there were 22 men’s teams and 20 women’s teams ac-tive in Wayne and Pike counties...special events like this one took place every single summer.

During my middle to late 20s, I?was living in the Electric City and playing football with the Scranton Eagles. Despite a blue collar work schedule and three intense practices per week, I?still found my way home to play softball.

It was competitive and it was fun....and all star games at the end of each season were icing on the cake.

One of my favorite memories is playing a similar game before a huge crowd on the Paupack football field. In this particular benefit, we battled the “King & His Court.”

We got our butts kicked, but everyone had a blast.

I’m thrilled to hear that Kyle Barna and his buddies are reviving the local all-star game. Here’s hoping so many folks attend that it once again becomes a summer tradition in Wayne and Pike counties.

On the Field
The “West” team will be managed by Russell “Rusty” Gregory and is sponsored by Get It Right Tape.

The “East” squad will be skippered by Brian Gross and sponsored by Pioneer Construction.

Rosters are as follows...
•East All Stars: Justin Kromko and Kevin Kromko (The Crossroads); Drew Boandl, Justin Collins and Ken Morris (Wargo Flooring); Anthony Nicholas (Ariel View Inn); Richie Walker, Jason Hunter, Mike Pozyricki (Gravity); Ken Cook (Chet’s); Paul McDonald, Kyle Barna (Waymart Hotel).

•West All Stars: Pete Saprona, JW?Swanick, Buddy Vail, Rich Gross (Kestlers); Donnie Howell (Radio Shack); Mead Sandercock, Joel Watson, Max Van Gorder (Invisible Hunter); Pete Steffen, Kyle Schuman, Jace Williams (Joe’s Ranch House).