This should be stated before I even get into this review. Ted, is an adult film, rated R. I feel the need to say this because we live in a time where cartoons and animation aren’t just for children anymore, as popular adult-geared shows such as Family Guy, South Park, and Robot Chicken have proven, though some parents may still see an animated teddy bear and think junior can go see it. Don’t let junior see this one.

Ted is a comedy that’s difficult to place in a particular category. It’s part stoner-film, part grown-up fairy tale gone wrong. Written and directed by the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, Ted goes above and beyond the call of duty to be outrageous and does not try to make any friends. If you go see this movie, prepare yourself for jokes against the Jewish, a lot of marijuana use, and a potty mouth teddy bear.

That all being said, this movie was hilarious. Already being a fan of Family Guy, I was treated to similar humor (with a harder edge) in this film, filled with the kind of comedic lines that first catch you off guard, then make you laugh through the next two lines. I certainly missed some dialogue, as some of the funnier lines were followed by a lingering chuckle throughout the movie theater.

Part of the humor was due, in fact, to the novelty of a cursing, sex crazed, drug addicted teddy bear. Ted’s rough character traits were amplified by the fact that he was a cute item of childhood innocence.

I was glad that all the funny lines weren't just those shown in the trailer(a common complaint I have of comedies). This was an enjoyable 106 minutes of ridiculous escapism. It could have succeeded commercially simply because Seth McFarlane came up with it. Everything that man touches (at least on television) has been a success. It could have flopped because, well let’s face it; a cursing teddy bear is a novelty that could have worn thin midway through the film. Plus, you know, Mark Wahlberg…he’s not known for what we call “good” movies. Argue if you must, but then I’ll just reply with Max Payne, The Other Guys, and The Happening, and the discussion will be all over.

Mila Kunis was likeable as Walhberg’s girlfriend, and there were some really random guest stars in small roles like Sam Jones (aka Flash Gordon) and Ryan Reynolds appears for about 12 seconds. Seriously, anybody would act in a movie that has anything to do with Seth McFarlane.

It may not be the best comedy ever created, not that I was expecting it. I haven’t seen a comedy recently that could match the greatness of Tommy Boy or Blazing Saddles, but Ted proved to be fun. Just don’t take any of the jokes seriously.

What do you think? Is Ted a good movie, or did the humor overstep some delicate boundaries? Sound off below or you can e-mail me at