The Ladybugs scored in every inning of Monday's Wayne County Women's Softball League game against Elegante en route to a wild 14-10 win.

The ladies from Lauersen’s and Elegante finished up their regular season at Bingham Park on August 6th.

Jacyln Ellefsen was on the mound for the Ladybugs and Janet DeLuca was in the circkle for Elegante. Lauersen’s was coming off a 5-1 loss to Cherry Ridge in a make-up game while Elegante had won their three past games, the last via forfeit from 590 Auto.

Back & Forth
Lauersen’s took a first inning lead, scoring a run and holding off any retaliation from Elegante. They tallied two more runs in the top of the second.

Down 3-0 heading into the bottom of the second, Elegante staged a big rally, consistently loading the bases for RBI opportunities and even having two runs walk-in.

By the time the Ladybugs could refocus and end the inning, the tide had turned in favor of Elegante, which now led by a margin of 6-3.

The top of the third saw Lauersen’s fight back. Jamie Morgan led the drive with an RBI single, and the Ladybugs added two more after that, tying the score.

However, Elegante’s Jaquel Theis snatched two fly balls, squashing the rally, and then adding more runs when Missy Tuite drove in Kelly Daniel with a homerun. Soon after, Stacey Lyman scored with two outs making the score now 9-6 before a line drive to Ellefsen ended the inning.

The Ladybugs managed another tally in the top of the fourth and staved off any additional runs from Elegante thanks to some excellent fielding.

Elegante also was mustering up some good defense until Lindsey Watson drove in two runs with a single, and then scored herself on an RBI from Ellefsen to take the lead once again, making it 10-9.

Elegante’s offense was completely shut down in the bottom of the fifth with solid infielding from Morgan and Annie Vega. Both were contributing to the offense as well, so far Vega had three doubles on the board and Morgan added another single in the top of the sixth before Vega followed her to first on a walk.

A line-drive to Elegante’s Michelle Williamson forced an out, but allowed Morgan to score, making it 11-9. They would drive in another run before ending their half, and Elegante was facing a 3-run deficit going into the bottom of the sixth.

They would fail to rally. A pop-up, a force at second base, and a fielder’s choice would keep them scoreless through the inning.

A seventh inning homer by Ellefsen made it 13-9 and Morgan drove in another run before a double play ended any further scoring by the Ladybugs.

Down now by five, Elegante’s Williamson legged out a double, driving in their tenth run of the night, but it was all they could bring. Continued excellent fielding by the Ladybugs ended Elegante’s night, and winning streak, with a final score of 14-10.

Score by Innings...
LAUR  1  2  3  1  3  2  2 - 14
ELEG  0  6  3  0  0  0  1 - 10