Remember Morris the Moose? Now is a great time to intriduce this classis moose to your preschooler or elementary student.

Morris the Moose

An I Can Read Book

B. Wiseman

This book is available on and also at your local library.


Once you have enjoyed reading this story about a moose who decides to go to school, you can make the following project to suit your time frame. There is an idea for counting back the days until school starts and one for behavior modification-just in case your child has a rocky start to the school year.


outline drawing of a moose head without antlers (you can cut them off the print out)


brown construction paper




I looked on line to find a black line cut out of a moose head or you can draw one if you'd like. Once you have found one, print it out, cut off the antlers and have your child color the head. Using the brown construction paper, you will make your own antlers or reuse the ones you cut off. If you are counting down the days until school starts, you will color the antlers. If school starts in 10 days, you will need 10 antlers. Each antler will have a number on it 1 through 10. Figure out how many days until school starts and make that many antlers. Cut out each antler. Tape your moose head to a door, the refrigerator or other place where your child can reach it. Tape the antlers near the top of the head in random order so that your child has to look for each number. This will be a lesson in counting back. On the tenth day before school starts, have your child find the antler that says 10. Remove that antler. Next, talk about what number comes before 10 and together find the antler that says 9. Say "tomorrow there will be 9 days until school starts and we will take off that antler tomorrow." The next day, ask your child if they can find the number 9 antler. Guide if needed. Repeat the process until you get to one. If your child is just learning the numbers, put a number chart near the moose head for reference.

Alternative idea: If school has already begun and it was a rocky start, here is an incentive idea. You will count up using antlers to earn a reward. Determine a number of days that your child needs to bring home a "green day" report and a reward that fits your budget or time. This could even be a game night!  Write that number on a piece of paper near the moose head. Using the numbered antlers, tape the antler with number 1 to the moose head for the first day a "green" comes home, antler 2 on the second "green" and so on. When your child reaches the goal, they will earn the reward. You can continue to use this incentive behavior modification chart throughout the beginning of school, increasing the number of days needed to get a reward.  Of course, you will need more antlers!

It is important for a home to school connection to be made early in the school year. Please advise your child's teacher of any issues that are of concern to you. Working together will help your child have a successful school year!