News Eagle correspondent At the August 20th Lackawaxen Township meeting, there was discussion between the Lackawaxen Fire Commission (LFC) and the Lackawaxen Township Supervisors. LFC member, John Kerkowski, presented the supervisors with a situation about the fact that the Greeley Volunteer Fire Department no longer wants to be a part of the fire commission.?In hindsight, a letter went out from the Lackawaxen Township back in November 2011 to all township residents explaining that under the LFC it would no longer be necessary to consider which fire department they wanted to support. This would be a yearly “Fire Commission Fund Drive” and all income would be dispersed equally to all four fire departments (Greeley VFD, Central VFD, Lackawaxen VFD and Forest VFD).?Although currently, Greeley VFD does not have a representative at the Fire Commission meetings, there were some residents present at the Supervisors’ meeting that explained it was not beneficial for the Greeley VFD to be a part of the LFC.?They claim they have meetings with the LFC resulting in no progress, that they were unable to get bank letters out in 2011 resulting in a $12,000 loss and are also able to get fuel cheaper independently.?Kerkowski stated, “this leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the LFC”. The LFC is currently looking to get grants for new trucks for all four fire departments, improve all costs and provide efficiency throughout the township.?Supervisor Brian Stuart had asked those present on behalf of Greeley VFD to think about coming to a compromise with the LFC. He also stated that there needs to be consistency in the township. Solicitor Anthony Waldron explained that the charter clearly states that there must be four fire departments to have a fire commission. Kerkowski explained that he was trying to get a meeting scheduled for August 30th to further discuss Greeley leaving the LFC.?Recycling?Also on this month’s agenda, it was mentioned that the Pike County Board of Commissioners will be withdrawing their recycling containers throughout the township as of October 1. Private waste companies will continue to pick up recyclables. For more information please call the Pike County Board of Commissioners at (570)296-7613.?Public Comment?• Ordinance to ban fracking - A township resident commented that the ordinance to ban fracking was not included on the agenda. Supervisor Stuart stated that it was an oversight and immediately placed this item on the agenda for September 24th. Solicitor Waldron briefly commented that portions of Act 13 were found to be unconstitutional and it has not yet been decided if the township will ban fracking. He stated that you can restrict fracking to certain locations and you can prohibit the use in a private development, however, the township does not have ordinance to ban any business, but they can regulate it.?• Kittatinny Canoes - There was public comment about the old Threshman property on Towpath Road being used by Kittatinny Canoes. Residents are still very concerned and upset about signage stating “Lackawaxen River Access”. Supervisor Stuart stated that the signage must come down. The present owner will get a notice to take down the signage within five days or receive a violation. The township is currently pursuing the matter with the magistrate.?The next township meeting has been scheduled for Monday, September 24th at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building on Urban Road.