Managing EditorPalmyra Township Board of Supervisors, is faced with what to do now that the county plans to quit recycling. Palmyra is not alone; since 2000 the county has run the recycling pickup for all 17 municipalities. On August 15, the Pike County Commissioners announced they would discontinue the service as of the 1st of October. Escalating costs and loss of grant funding were cited.?At the Tuesday August 21st Township meeting, the Supervisors agreed to inquire about a possible joint effort with other townships to keep the program going, or see if they could work with Wayne County.?Recycling pickup at the Palmyra Township building has been heavily used. Brian Mathews, Maintenance Foreman, said that day, 52 people dropped off trash to have recycled.?Dingman and Lehman townships, because they have each surpassed 10,000 in population, are required by law to pursue their own recycling program for their residents. This is one of the factors to dropping the county-wide program cited by the Commissioners, noting these students would no longer be making use of their services.?Jo-Ann Rose, Palmyra Administrator, will be contacting these townships to see if there could be come cooperative arrangement. Palmyra already has a quote from Waste Management to continue pickup. Another private hauler, County Waste, will also be contacted.?More private haulers are offering recycling pickup. Township solicitor Anthony Waldron, who is also the counsel for neighboring Lackawaxen Township, said there is discussion about the townships working together with a hauler.?“I’m not sure how cost effective it would be for a hauler to go around to different townships,” Waldron commented, noting that the townships are rather spread apart.?Supervisor Eric Ehrhardt said their biggest concern is the great amount of seasonal weekend residents. They may not want to leave out trash to be recycled, for pickup during the week.?The Supervisors also want to explore if they could work with Wayne County. Their neighbor on the north side of the Big Lake has its own recycling center and several municipal pickup locations. One is in Newfoundland, Dreher Township. A question was raised if the Wayne County truck could come by to pick up Palmyra’s recycling, since Route 507 from Newfoundland passes right through. Ehrhardt offered to contact Wayne County officials.?The Commissioners sent a letter asking if the Township was interested in applying again for a grant to erect a veteran’s memorial. Supervisor Ehrhardt asked why the county can’t instead seek a recycling grant. Supervisor Ken Coutts agreed, directing Rose to tell the Commissioners that the Township will probably incur costs for recycling and would instead prefer financial assistance for this need.