Bertrand Albert Schroeder of Newfoundland was arrested Sunday morning Sept. 9 for the killing of his wife. Schroeder told State Police that the rifle had gone off accidentally when he was trying to unload it.?Schroeder, who is 59, was charged with one count of Criminal Homicide.?The victim, 51-year old Donnalynn Schroeder, sustained a gunshot wound and was transported by life flight to Community Medical Center, Scranton, where she later succumbed to her wound, police said.?According to the police affidavit filed with District Judge Bonnie Carney, Troopers Chad Cunningham and Michael Pritchyk responded to the house after learning of a reported shooting. Upon arrival, EMTs and paramedics were treating the woman, who had been shot in the neck.?Trooper John Decker and Trooper Sean Doran arrived and searched the house, finding no other victims. Two .22 caliber rifles were found and secured. One was a blot action and the other a semi-automatic.?“Conditions within the residence were found to be deplorable for both human and animal welfare,” the State Police said in the affidavit. The couple shared their home with over 50 beagles.?The defendant told Trooper Decker that Donna arrived home around 9:30 p.m. Schroeder said his wife had given home $500 to buy a gun because they were having trouble with rabid raccoons and they were concerned about their dogs.?Schroeder advised police that he knew he was not supposed to have any guns because he was convicted of Aggravated Assault in New Jersey which prohibited him from possessing a firearm.?Trooper Decker subsequently determined that Mr. Schroeder had an extensive criminal history.?Earlier that day, Schroeder had consumed most of a case of beer, he told police.?He advised Trooper Decker that he did not mean to shoot Donna, that the gun went off accidentally as tried to unload it. He also said he did a stupid thing by “getting drunk and then messing with a rifle” he was not supposed to have in the first place.?In a subsequent interview, Schroeder told police that in the past he and his wife would have heated arguments and on one occasion he had pointed a gun at her. He related that the arguments in the past had turned physical, and the two had argued earlier in the day. After his wife had been shot, he said he left the residence to summon assistance.Police seize dogsThe dogs, many who are young puppies, were seized by State Police and taken to Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale for care. Police said that Animal Cruelty charges are pending.?Trooper Todd stated that anyone interested in donating or adopting any of the dogs should contact Dessin Animal Shelter at (570)253-4037.