†Jolie DeFeis, who has organized several protests in the last couple months regarding the Tenneessee Gas Pipeline, is planning a car parade this Saturday, Sept. 15 in Milford and Westfall Towship.She and other residents have been challenging the intended placement of the pipeline in the Cummin Hill Road area, east of Milford.Northeast Upgrade Project (NEUP) is proposed to be built spanning parts of Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey and crossing under the Delaware River just above the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The 6.7 mile loop includes Cummins Hill. The project is part of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline project, which is meant to increase volume of gas being conveyed from Marcellus Shale drilling active elsewhere in Pennsylvania.A re-hearing was requested this summer by various environmental groups before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, asking that the project instead use an existing right-of-way through the National Park Service lands- a route the Park Service objects. Pike County Commissioners have supported using the right-of-way.DeFeis announced, "This Saturday we are going to shake it up a little bit. It is time to make sure everyone knows whatís happening to us in Pike, PA and Montague, NJ that we will not stand for the deception that is being thrown at us. We are teaming up with our neighbors across the great Delaware River in New Jersey who are part of this ill-conceived and convoluted Loop 323 aimed at unnecessarily destroying our community."She is asking participants to decorate their cars with signs that state this cause in some way. "You may use magnetic tape, masking tape, duct tape, whatever works...or just stick a sign out your sunroof. You can buy poster board at the Dollar Store (2 for $1) Ė make a sign and tape it to your car. Or tie yellow ribbon around. Or something else. Donít worry we will be driving extremely slow."Lineup is at the bottom of Cummons Hill Road at 10 a.m."We will then turn our headlights on, form a parade and drive through the streets of Milford, following the car in front of you. We will be driving extremely slow."When we have exhausted all of the roads, we will then parade back to Westfall and drive to the yogurt place in the Kmart shopping center."She added, "Letís show Tennessee Gas, NPS, FERC and the rest of the world that we DO NOT want a dangerous pipeline bisecting our community and destroying beautiful Cummins Hill unnecessarily. We will fight to keep our way of life!"She recounted that it is "inconceivable" that this route was approved knowing there are 80 percent slopes, valuable EV streams, three active bald eagles nests, endangered bat habitat, private homes/property, a nursing home and Delaware Valley School.She notes that there is an existing right of way that the pipleine company should use."We are being denied our due process," she said.