You and your family are invited to explore Earth's closest companion, our Moon, at the Hawley Public Library. Join them in celebrating International Observe the Moon Night on Tuesday, September 25th.This activity is for children 8 and up (and their parents). They will be viewing the Moon throughhigh powered binoculars to get up close and personal with our nearest neighbor.The Moon will be at gibbous phase, four days before full. That means a great deal of craters and mountains will stand out in sharp detail, as well as the expansive, dark plains that make up what we imagine as the "Man in the Moon."A maximum of nine children and their parents will be accepted, due to the limited number. Registration is required by September 21st. Register by calling the Children's Room at the Library at (570)226-4620 or e-mail will be meeting at the Hawley Public Library at 8 p.m. The rain date will be October 6th.Moon fun fact: Our Moon is about 2,100 miles across. That's about the same distance from New York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico! Join them to find out more!