With the recent downturn in the economy a few local residents got together to collect dog and cat food to help consumers, with the hope that they would not have to share their home-delivered meals with their pets. Carol Schwartz had heard on the radio that this was indeed happening in another state and thought this would be a great way to assist seniors in our community that may otherwise not be able to afford food for their pet. Schwartz along with Juanita Pisano and Norma Canfield got together and requested donations of pet food to be distributed to the counties home-delivered meal consumers. Surveys were sent out to be able to get an accurate count of how many aging consumers needed the pet food. One five pound bag of cat or dog food will be delivered each month with the consumer’s home-delivered meals. If anyone would like to donate cat or dog food, it can be brought to the Grace Episcopal Church. The donations will benefit consumers that are receiving home-delivered meals through the Wayne County Area Agency on Aging. In time, if donations allow, this program could be expanded to include other seniors in need. If you have an idea or suggestion of another way to help seniors in our community, please contact the Wayne County Area Agency on Aging at (570)253-5970, ext, 3112 and visit them on the web: http://aging.co.wayne.pa.us.