News Eagle reporter
PIKE COUNTY - US Congressional candidate and Pike County resident, Phil Scollo said he wants to represent Pennsylvania’s 10th District because of his three children, his three grandchildren and because Congress is, “broken and inefficient.” He said if problems are not fixed now, “in a bipartisan way,” the future of his children and grandchildren, “will be bleak.” Focusing on his business experience, rather than his lack of political experience, Scollo acknowledged that this is his first time running for office. Because he is concerned about the future of his children and grandchildren, with his business background he feels he has a  talent for problem solving. The Democrat said this will be beneficial when trying to work in a bipartisan way to fix things. He stated, if things are not fixed now, “there won’t be much of a future for any of our children.” Rather than worrying about where the state of politics is going with President Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney, Scollo said right now he’s more concerned with his Republican opponent, Congressman Tom Marino.  Immediately, Scollo mentioned how Marino voted to take away the Medicare guarantee and replace it with a system that is not in the best interest of senior citizens or the “contingents here in the 10th district.” Scollo said he learned the “value of hard work” and to never take “anything for granted” from a grandmother who was a charter member of the national ladies garment union and a father who was a firefighter in New York City. While working at a loading dock at Macy’s, Scollo put himself through college and was the first in his family to graduate. Because of his family’s working experience, Scollo said he thinks he “relates very well to blue-collar, to average working families.” Scollo emphasized the significance of his business experience, over that of Marino’s governmental experience in law and his term in Congress. Scollo said he has been a business person and a problem solver for over 30 years.  He cited working in the “corporate setting in human resources and marketing.”  He ssaid he was able to design jobs and career paths and noted his experience in the entrepreneurial field for 15 years when he ran his own business. Because of the job climate in Pennsylvania, Scollo said he plans to work in a bipartisan way “to create jobs and stimulate the economy.” Whereas, he said Marino voted to take funding away from, Tobyhanna Depot, the largest employer in northeast Pennsylvania, which ultimately would cost hundreds of jobs. This, he said, contradicts what Marino once said when he claimed that he would create jobs when in office. He added, “Its befuddling to me that he can take jobs away from his own district, where the unemployment rate is running at 9% higher than the national average.” Because of his “pragmatic business experience” Scollo said he can fix the job problems. With his focus on the 10th district, Scollo said he will try to improve “the status of jobs and the economy.” He also said Marino has been “unexceptional in his short tenure in office.” Aside from being a business person, Scollo also said he is a family person who is working “for the average citizen, trying to protect senior citizens” because Marino “will try to take their Medicare guarantee away and try and replace it with a voucher system.” If elected, Scollo said he would like to be on a few house committees, like transportation and infrastructure because of how infrastructure and transportation play off of each other. Plus, due to his business background, he said for “obvious reasons” being on a small business committee would be good too. Congressman Marino is involved in several committees and different causes. When Scollo was asked about his committee and cause involvement, he said he is involved in “causing to protect the environment.”  He mentioned how his 13-year-old daughter does a lot of volunteer work in the area of environmental protection. He also said he helped deliver bottled water to people affected by contamination of groundwater as a result of hydraulic fracturing. Additionally, Scollo said he is involved in the church. Scollo said he is hoping to challenge Marino to at least one debate, although he would prefer three. He said there would be more word on the possibility of a debate in the days to come. Scollo said he is excited to challenge Marino, but “it’s all going to depend on his response.” If there is a debate, Scollo said he hopes Marino “will engage in the issues” which will give the candidates “the discourse that we’re supposed to have in this country.” Confident in his campaign, Scollo ended the interview by saying “Tom Marino has not been a leader in the short time he’s been in office and I think that people, working families, senior citizens and certainly women, are going to stand up and are going to make the change that is needed to get true and affective stewardship and leadership in Congress.”
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