News Eagle reporter
 Two freshman classes from Lackawanna College Lake Region Center have been inspired to help people in need by sponsoring a food drive at the Hawley Silk Mill after reading “Hunger Games” by Susanne Collins. Deb Vacca and Jen Passenti are teaching College 101, Freshman Experience and as part of the reading program at the college’s Scranton campus, Lackawanna Reads, “Hunger Games” is the current book that is integrated into the college’s curriculum. “Hunger Games,” Passenti explained, is about a society where the government has taken over, forcing people who live in districts to ration their food. Ultimately, leading to people fighting people from other districts. The concept, Passenti said, is similar to survival of the fittest. The classes divided up the project. The project is being counted towards the students’ class participation grade. Passenti said the project has given the class the opportunity to talk about the importance of volunteerism and being an active member in society. Jeri Juskey is an accounting student at the college and she said the food drive is an awesome idea because there are so many hungry people in the world and “we should help our neighbors.” Nicole Varcadipane, a liberal arts student designed the poster that is on the collection can. She said she did not have a motivation for the poster, but rather that she is creative when it comes to artistic projects. The food drive will continue until about the third week of October. If people continue donating food beyond October, Vacca said that would be fine. The collection can is on the third floor of the Hawley Silk Mill. The food will go to the food pantry in Lakeville. Any kind of non-perishable items are good for the collection, like toiletries, bar soaps, toothpaste, etc. Items that can sit for a while and not spoil are requested.