Managing EditorLackawaxen Fire Commission is proceeding without Greeley, leaving just threee fire companies- but may be joined by a fourth member: Lackawaxen EMS.?The ambulance company board has not yet made a decision, but has entered the discussion.?At the Sept. 24th meeting of the Township Supervisors, Greeley Fire Chief Robert Schmidt reported that their officers voted unanimously to withdraw from the Fire Commission.?Saying “we’re not here for a fight,” Schmidt said simply that their fire company has decided to back out but will still be working together with the other three fire companies on training and responding to emergencies. Stating they had voted to withdraw, he added, “That’s how we feel about it and that’s how we stand.”?Chief Schmidt had first mentioned publicly that they were withdrawing, at the August Supervisors’ meeting.?John Kerkowski, president of the Lackawaxen Fire Commission, asked the Supervisors how to proceed, given that the Commission was formed by resolution with four members, approved by the Supervisors. Kerkowski noted that the two insurance companies contacted for consolidated policy proposals, indicated the remaining three companies would still be able to reap the benefits of cost savings.?The reminder letter for this year’s first consolidated fund-raising letter has just went out. Greeley will still receive their share from the collection received, which by agreement is to be split equally among Lackawaxen, Central, Forest and Greeley fire companies.?Kerkowski announced that Lackawaxen EMS would realize similar savings on their insurance premium. He said this would be a major change to the Commission.?Cathy Wargo, who is captain of Lackawaxen EMS, stated that their board was yet to meet to decide whether to join the Commission. The proposal was made at the last Fire Commission meeting. She said that the way they are set up, Lackawaxen EMS might have to do their own fund-raising.?A new resolution will need to be prepared but won’t be effective until Jan. 1, 2013. Chairman Brian Stuart asked to be kept up to date on the decision of the EMS organization. The Commission and EMS will discuss this further at the Commission’s next meeting on Oct. 18.?Greeley Volunteer Fire Department’s resignation from the Commission was accepted.?A question was raised about Greeley doing their own fund drives. Chief Schmidt indicated that Greeley would canvas their own fire company district.