REGION-  The Wayne County Board of Elections reminds residents that Tuesday, October 9th is the last day to register to vote for the upcoming Presidential Election to be held on Tuesday, November 6th. October 9th is also the last day a voter may change his or her political party affiliation, residential and mailing addresses and/or their name. The Board of Elections also wants to remind the public of the new Voter ID Law that requires all voters to show a Photo ID at the polls before voting. The law requires that the ID includes a photo of the voter, the voter’s name and an expiration date. If a state approved Photo ID is not provided, the voter will be offered the opportunity to vote by a Provisional Ballot. After voting by Provisional Ballot, a voter will have six days to furnish a state approved photo ID to the Bureau of Elections Office in order for the ballot to be counted. Additionally, if a voter has changed his or her last name for any reason, such as marriage, divorce or adoption, the last name on their Photo ID needs to match their last name on the voter registration records. If the voter’s name on the ID does not “substantially conform” to the registration record, they will be offered a provisional ballot. For more information, and forms to register or make changes, voters may visit www.votespa.comor call the Wayne County Election Bureau at (570)253-5978. Pike County voters should call the Pike County Bureau of Elections at 296-3426.