Roy Chesseri of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates has been appointed to chair the Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation’s Board of Directors for the 2012 Annual Appeal. Under Chesseri’s leadership, the preserve’s fund drive is set underway. A non-profit 540 acre nature preserve, Lacawac Sanctuary is located on Lake Wallenpaupack in Salem Township. The preserve is both a National Natural Landmark and is listed on The National Historic Registry because of its core buildings. Lacawac was named a Pennsylvania Wild Plant Sanctuary by the DCNR in 2011. The preserve’s centerpiece is Lake Lacawac, a glacial Lake formed nearly13,000 years ago. Many universities engage in explorations of the lake’s "natural barometer," as they attempt to identify and quantify the early warning signals of various local and global environmental threats. The efforts are meant to analyze the potential ramifications to NEPA lands and waters as a result of Marcellus Shale gas drilling. The preserve is led and operated by volunteers and is funded through supporting memberships, grants and this annual fund raising appeal. The preserve does not receive government operating money nor is it heavily endowed. Chesseri said people enjoy visiting Lacawac for hiking, nature photography, bird watching, Geocaching and many other outdoor activities. By visiting Lacawac, people are given the opportunity to expand their environmental experiences by attending some of the 60 workshops, seminars, enrichment programs and guided hikes or paddles. Lacawac is currently in the process of contacting all its members, volunteers, visitors, workshop attendees and environmentally conscious community friends to ask for their support this month. To help out, visit the Lacawac web site at for information on how to support the Lacawac Sanctuary 2012 Annual Appeal. Lacawac Sanctuary is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to a partnership of the preservation of the natural environment, public education and scientific research. It is open most days to the public to visit, hike and explore and to participate in the numerous educational and outdoor programs offered. For more information about membership, program offerings, or to support Lacawac's Annual Appeal, please call (570)689-9494 or visit