The First Presbyterian Church of Milford, corner of Broad and Ann Streets, has been received as part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination after having been thoroughly vetted. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, which began in 1981, consists of approximately 300 churches and 115, 000 members. It is a family of churches, Reformed and Presbyterian, defined by shared core values and bonded by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The EPC is centered upon the good news of what God has done for the world through His Son, Jesus Christ. In announcing this new affiliation, First Presbyterian’s pastor, the Rev. Benjamin Willis, stated, “The Evangelical Presbyterian Church shares our understanding of the authority of Scripture. That is, along the generations of Christians before us, we believe the Lord God has given humanity the Bible so we might know Him and be empowered to live by faith in Him. But across the past 25 years our old denomination – the Presbyterian Church (USA) – had begun saying that only some parts of the Scriptures were authoritative and that other parts were not, essentially picking and choosing what to consider truth and making God to be Someone very different from Whom He’s revealed Himself. Although these concerns have required us to make this denominational change, we see the changes as necessary so that we can maintain and grow our ministry among the people and communities of Milford and the Tri-State area. This will help us fulfill our purpose statement: Calling and equipping all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. For more information call the First Presbyterian Church (296-4711), visit its website at and the website of The Evangelical Church