Managing Editor
The Hawley Lions Club would like to put up a Christmas tree in Bingham Park this year, that will be considered the “tallest in Northeast Pennsylvania.” Orlando Marrera, representing the Lions, told Borough Council Wednesday night that they hope to have a spruce tree, 45 to 50 feet high. It would be placed near the corner with Route 6 and Park Place, across from the Borough Hall. Pocono Tree would put it up by Thanksgiving, pending Council’s approving vote in November. Reaction from various Council members centered on how this could be done safely. Marrera explained that a base would be fashioned out of iron I-beams and concrete, with a metal plate. The four-legged base would be moved with a fork lift, and brought back to the park each year. The base would need to weigh about two and a half tons. This could be just the beginning, as the star on top reaches for the constellations. Marrera said he spoke with United Metal about making a base weighing four tons, “in case we go to 60 feet next year.” He suggested that the big tree would become the centerpiece for the park and make a great nucleus to start a “Winter Village” scene. The Christmas tree would be lighted, and probably the 15 amps available from the pitcher’s mound would suffice, he said. If needed, the Lions would ask the County Commissioners for permission to run an extra power cord from the Senior Center. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clauss would be available by the tree on certain dates, to meet with children, Marrera said. First they have to get the tree up. Borough Solicitor Robert Bernathy advised that Hawley Borough should be named as an additional carrier on the Lions Club insurance policy. He also suggested having a perimeter fence, for public safety. Council President Don Kyzer asked for more information before they decide. Bernathy said that Council was generally favorable but have concerns about safety and liability. Council member Barbara Corrigan, however, was most outspoken about her concern. She, as well as Kyzer, recommended that the Lions Club look at one of the existing evergreen trees in the park. Corrigan suggested the tall conifer right behind the bandstand, and urged the Club not to push the public in this economically difficult time for donations for this project. “Use an existing tree,” she recommended. “The other is downright scary.” Marrera said he would look at the trees in the park, and get more information about the proposal, for the Borough Parks & Recreation committee. Their next meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 6 p.m., at Borough Hall.
Editor’s note: More news from the Oct. 10 Council meeting will follow in the next edition.