John Robertson was appointed to Hawley Borough Council at the October 10th meeting. Robertson fills the uncompleted term of Alvin “Bock” Myers, who resigned in September. In August Roberston came before Council with a suggestion for the Borough to join the US Tennis Association. The Association can help provide funding for rehabilitation of the courts in Bingham Park, as well as provide other assistance such as clinics. Once sworn in by Mayor Kevin Hawk, Roberston was appointed to the Streets & Roads Committee. He also was approved as a new member to the Hawley Area (sewer) Authority.
Other business:
• Mayor Hawk, who is a member of the Hawley Area Authority board, said that the past delinquent account balance is improving. Some people have been coming in to set up a payment plan. In September, he reported there were $87,241.80 in delinquent bills, and 21 water termination notices had been sent out as a result. The cost of the sewer bill is $51/month per Equivalent Dwelling Unit. He commented that a lot of people pay other bills, thinking nothing will happen if they neglect the sewer bill- yet they be sure the cable TV or Internet is paid. For years the Authority did not have a contract with the water company, which lets the Authority send out water termination notices. Asked how the delinquent balance became so high, he said that in the past, some board members were not as aggressive in pursuing the accounts. • Mayor Hawk performed seven weddings in September. • Borough Solicitor Robert Bernathy reported that Ann Morgan’s attorney, Randolph Borden, sent pleadings concerning the Borough’s lawsuit against the former Hawley mayor. An executive session is planned in November to discuss Borden’s filing. The suit came up following realization that the former mayor had continued performing weddings after her last term as mayor was completed. • Police Auxiliary may be brought back under the Police Department and Borough in order to do fund-raising for the Police Department. • Three parking meters were approved for Main Avenue next to Fluff’s Deli, where the sidewalk and curbing were just upgraded. Vice-president Mary Sanders said that Shortline had not reported back about coming to look at this spot, where their buses stop to drop off passengers. • An estimate of $2,700 was approved to repair the loose metal flood gates at the Eddy Bridge. The gates make an annoying sound every time a vehicle passes over. • The cost to replace the Victorian-style lamp post in front of the Odd Fellows Hall is $5,990. The post is made to order. Everything over $1,000 is expected to be covered by insurance. A pickup truck ran into the post. • Left over Liquid Fuels tax money is expected to be used to fund a new truck for the Public Works Department. • More shrubbery must be removed from the flood dike. • A budget workshop is planned Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, across from Bingham Park.