Managing Editor
Hawley Council was advised Oct. 10th that the Hawley Silk Mill is considering expansion of their parking by purchase of two lots just beyond the Welwood Avenue gate. Attorney Anthony Waldron, who is one of the Silk Mill partners, stated the first parcel, with a house, is up for Sheriff Sale this month. Next door there is a lot with a mobile home, which is for sale. He said they wouldn’t buy the mobile home lot unless they could purchase the first lot, which is contiguous to the Silk Mill property just past the gate. These are on the side of Welwood Avenue towards Route 6. A better turn-around would be provided as well as the additional parking, he said. Presently they have enough parking for the present uses of the Silk Mill, but for special events they could use more room. They two lots together would ad about 25 to 35 parking spots, he said. Some screening would be needed to block headlights from neighbors, Waldron stated. He suggested a row of dense evergreen plantings. There may be a need for a zoning change, as the two lots are in the Residential -2, and the Silk Mill is within the Business-2 Zone. They have no agreement of sale at present, Waldron stressed. By next month, he said he should have a better idea if the Silk Mill will be pursuing purchase of the lots. He stated that the Silk Mill management has no current plans for the warehouse building, other than for storage. Waldron stated that the may need to reconfigure the placement of the emergency access gate, if the parking expansion goes forward. Ledges Hotel’s driveway would not change.