Local runners came out in force to compete in this year's event.

HAWLEY — The Hawley Public Library's second annual Run to Read 5K Run/Walk fundraiser was an even greater success than last year, according to chairperson Susie George.

The event, which was held on Saturday Oct. 6th, attracted nearly 100 runners of all ages and abilities.

Earl Marshall was first across the and captured overall honors with a time of 19:36. Tiffany Leventhal led the ladies home with a time of 20:45.

Marshall and Leventhal led a field of more than 90 runners and walkers over a route which started in Bingham Park. The course then continued on Main Avenue past the library, then on to River Street along the Lackawaxen River levee. From there, runners proceeded up Oakland Street, around Green Gates Cemetery and then returned by the same routed to the finish line.

Finishing second overall and first 16 to 21 male bracket was Alex Hicks with a time of 20.20.

First Place overall and tops among female walkers went to Jean Attanasi with a time of 39.19. Donald Attanasi finished second overall and first among male walkers with a time of 39.20.

Commenting on this year's considerable increase in those taking part, Chair Susie George said: "Our 2012 Run to Read 5K Run/Walk has been a great success as a Library fundraiser and as a community event. While we were concerned about the weather, it turned out to be a perfect morning with only a brief sprinkle as we were cleaning up.

"Thanks to all who participated. You helped make our event so successful. We are looking forward to an even larger participation next year!"

Race Results
•Under 10 Male: Evan Worthington (31:53).
•Under 10 Female: Hannah Batzel (33:20); Sophia Brice (51:40).
•Age 11-15 Male: Joe Paparazzo (21:22)
•Age 11-15 Female: Kinzey Brice (27:13); Victoria Rojas (28:24); Emily Rice (32:43).
•Age 16-21 Male: Alex Hicks (20:20); Louis Speck (24:30).
•Age 22-30 Male: Daniel Waldron (22:01); Scott Barnes (26:17); Richard Ward (28:41).
•Age 22-30 Female: Angela Franko (22:23); Rebecca Newcomer (24:44); Angela Ey (27:02).
•Age 31-39 Male: Len VanOrden (20:38).
•Age 31-39 Female: Cindy Batzel (20:58); Denise Brice (26:44); Magdalena Mozga (28:52).
•Age 40-49 Male: Rob Lynch (22:04); Sean McVeigh (23:06); Tom Bongiovi (27:09).
•Age 40-49 Female: Erin Gordon (23:23); Page Hochreither (25:58); Carrie Burlein-Pitz (26:13).
•Age 50-59 Male: Joe Walsh (21:00); Jerry Theobald (23:39); Scott Leet (24:01);
•Age 50-59 Female: Jo Lloyd (28:44); Judith Arrison (29:14); Susan Janssens (30:07).
•Age 60-69: Joe Macey (26:19); Edward Dillon (26:53).
•Age 60-69 Female: Joan Hyman (31:31).
•Age 70+ Male: Fred Howell (39:16).
•Age 70+ Female: Cathy Howell (40:25).
Walk Results
•Under 10 Female: Sophia Brice (51:40); Lauren Brand, second (54:47).
•Age 22-20 Female: Shannon Harding (49:46); Jess Beattie (58:05).
•Age 31-39 Female: Stacy Walker (50:01).
•Age 40-49 Female: Michelle Williams (50:01); Daun Ciccone (56:24); Deb Szmyd (58:05).
•Age 50-59 Female: Kathy Harding (52:04); Lee Ann Newton (53:36).
•Age 60-69 Male: Jeff Lee (47:12).
•Age 60-69 Female: Judith Seidel (44:42); Kathleen Dillon (44:43); Susan Lee (47.12).