Mayor Kevin Hawk of Hawley reported that the PPL dam emergency siren sounded at about 11:30 p.m. Monday Oct. 29, in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. There was no emergency connected with the dam. It was only a false alarm, Hawk reported.
He said that the Wayne County Communications Center supervisor related to the Hawley Fire Department that the storm affected one of their radio towers, which led to the siren being accidentally activated.
The Fire Department had to manually switch off the siren at the Hawley Borough Hall and the Hawley sewer treatment plant.
Hawk commented that these false alarms tend to occur at the "worst of times;" previously, the siren went off during a thunderstorm. He said there was quite a bit of concern in Hawley wondering why the siren was going off. He stated that the technical issues will be addressed to see to it these false alarms won't be repeated.
The sirens are in place in the unlikely event of a failure of the dam at Lake Wallenpaupack.
PPL was generating power in advance of the impending hurricane, to lower the lake level. As of Tuesday morning Oct. 30 the level was 1180.0 feet and the lake was 55.2% full. Both generators were running with a discharge to the Lackawaxen River of 1128.85 cubic feet per second.
The lake level on Oct. 25th was 1181.2 feet and the lake was 60.6% full at that time.