Managing Editor The last Democratic candidate for US President to win in Wayne County, PA was Woodrow Wilson, 100 years ago. While Wayne County, PA has been known for generations as a bastion of the Republican Party, there have been times when a Democrat won the Presidential race here. Maybe 2012? Statistics compiled by Wilkes University show that Republicans have held the line in Wayne County for 100 years, or at least Republican candidates for President have been favored for the past century. The last Democrat to win in Wayne County, PA for President of the United States was Woodrow Wilson, in 1912. he was handed 1,924 votes; the Republican, William H. Taft, received 659. Wilson won. There was a total of 5,360 votes cast. Even when women gained the right to vote, Republican Presidential candidates had nothing to fear in Wayne County. The 1920 race saw Warren G. Harding gain 5,164 votes, to 1,589 for Democrat James M. Cox. The total vote count was 7,060. Even Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt lost all three times in Wayne County. In Pike County, on the other hand, the long-time Republican hold gave way and favored Democrat Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and FDR for his last two terms. Democratic candidates for President won consistently in Pike County since 1824, until the 1916 race, where Woodrow Wilson was picked. In Wayne County, Wilson’s victory in 1912 was the first since 1892 when Democrat Grover Cleveland won for the third time in a row. Democratic candidates for President won every time in the 19th Century in Wayne, even when Abraham Lincoln ran for office. But times have changed. With numerous Democrats being elected in Wayne County through the years and the Democratic base growing, the stakes are high as the 2012 race draws to a finish.