News Eagle Reporter
HAWLEY-  People in Hawley have spoken and the results of a News Eagle presidential poll are in. Over 30 people were spoken to at random in person in downtown Hawley and in the Hawley Silk Milk last week. Those who were approached in town, were more likely to vote for presidential challenger Mitt Romney than those who were spoken to in the Hawley Silk Mill who leaned towards President Obama. Quite a few people were also not interested in talking about their political views at all because they were  “private” or they just were not interested. There were also a few who opted not to speak at all for fear of retribution from others of opposing views. Due to the concern of privacy, only first names will be used.
Why they like Obama
 One woman, Alice, an Independent Party member said she will be voting for President Barrack Obama because she only pictures Governor Mitt Romney “on the Cayman Islands with all of his republican buddies” she said.  A member of the Green Party, Tamara considered what Obama has done in office, and what he faced when he first went into office with “difficult problems to solve” because of the previous administration. Tamara said Obama’s foreign policy and relationships with other leaders has been positive. As for the problems on Wall Street, Tamara said the problem was caused by the Bush administration and so “it would’ve happened anyway.”  A Democrat, Aleta said she will be voting for Obama because he represents her “gut feeling for the issues.” Although she does not think either candidate will solve the economic problems, she said she does think Obama will do a better job.  Joe, a registered Republican will be voting for Obama because he does not like something’s Romney wants to do. Joe would not specify what Romney wants to do, but he said he is “not crazy about Romney.” No doubt about her plans, a Democrat, Tracy said she will be voting for Obama “for sure” because Romney “just doesn’t get women, he likes to keep women in the 1950’s with politics” she said. A fan of big government, and a Democrat, Justin will be voting for Obama because he likes Obamacare and does not like Romney’s social programs. A Democrat, Jeanne said she will be voting for Obama because she likes him and she feels he has done a better job than he has been given credit for. Plus, she noted that Congress will not work with him.
For Romney 110%
As for the Romney supporters, a Republican, Linda said she is for Romney 110 percent because “Obama doesn’t do anything to help us,” referring to entrepreneurs like herself. He said people cannot afford Obama and her “number one fear is Obamacare because people don’t understand it.”  Another Republican, Cary said he decided six months ago that he has had enough of Obama and “wants to throw the bum out, his days are over.” Cary said Obama “doesn’t do his job and so he has to go.” A Democrat, Jeremy plans on voting for Romney because of Romney’s plan to lower debt. Jeremy said he does not like how Obama has handled finances and that he has not kept most of the promises he made in 2008 when he first ran for president.  A Romney supporter, Beverly is a Democrat who said “we can’t handle another four years of this economy.” She added that “people don’t have the money” if Obama is reelected.  A Republican, Betty said she votes for Republicans because she has always disliked Democrats. She said she likes Romney because he “seems very honest, he’s a family man.”  Looking at Romney’s business experience, Jean said she will be voting for Romney because his business experience is better than Obama’s. A Republican, Jean said she does not think about politics often because politicians cannot be trusted since “there’s no truth.” She added that she “doesn’t think Romney is the best” but because of his business experience he is better.
Still deciding
Still not completely positive who she will be voting for, Karissa is leaning towards Romney because she does not think “Obama has done anything in four years.” A Republican, Karissa is not positive she will even vote at this time. A Republican, Ben said the party does not matter but he is unsure of who he will vote for because “at this point they’re both bad.”  A Democrat, Susan would not say who she will be voting for, but she is leaning towards Obama because she does not “see any perks with Romney.” Still undecided, Joel is leaning towards Romney because he likes Romney’s business background. A Democrat, Joel said this is the first election in his life where he is this close to an election and still unsure who he will be voting for. A single issue voter, Alex is a Democrat who is leaning towards Romney because she thinks Romney will manage the federal government better than Obama. She also said that she is “turned off by extremists and bullying coming from the liberal left.”
Why they’re not voting
As for the nonvoters, Mauri said she does not vote and never has because she is not interested in politics. Another person who will not be voting, Tom said he does not like either candidate because “they’re just as bad.” Tom normally does not vote though. Frustrated with the political system, Corey is not registered to vote for many reasons. He has never voted, but he does like Obama better than Romney because he feels Obama has better education and healthcare plans.  A Republican, John will not be voting November 6 because “I’m abstaining from voting because I don’t like either candidate, their agendas and they’re not addressing the real issues,” he said. Last election, John said he voted for John McCain, Obama’s first opponent. Pat said she is “very, very concerned with the healthcare” and people “need a change for the better.” Days away from the presidential election and only time will tell who will be the next President of the United States of America! Polls open at 7 a.m. this Tuesday and close at 8 p.m.