NEWFOUNDLAND- The Wallenpaupack Area South Elementary School fifth grade will sing about the spirit of America at its annual music program scheduled for Thursday November 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the school’s cafetorium.
The patriotic theme is a tradition each year honoring the men and women who have served or presently serve our country in the military. The children will enter the performance space in great splendor waving our stars and stripes! Flags for our students were provided by our wonderful American Legion! The program begins with our local members of the American Legion, under the direction of Commander Lloyd Snell, and their "Presentation of the Colors." The entire assembly will then salute our flag and sing our National Anthem followed by the singing of the Wallenpaupack Area School District’s Alma Mater.
Selections to be performed by the fifth grade include "American Every Day" by Teresa Jennings, "Pennsylvania" by J. Francis Weber honoring our home state, "Fifty Nifty United States," by Ray Charles, "Of the People," by Jennings and "One Nation" by Jennings. Amanda Jones will be the speaker for the lovely song, "Remember to Remember" by Mike Wilson. The narration is a thank you "to the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country." "Bless Our Troops" is a prayer of blessing that our troops may be safe "both night and day…till they return." "Battle Hymn for Gettysburg," adapted by Teresa Jennings, is a beautiful tribute to Abraham Lincoln based on his Gettysburg Address which combines the melody of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by William Steffe and Julia Ward Howe with the Gettysburg Address. Speakers are: Kara Campbell, Sandra Witmer, Lindsey Lloyd, Sabryna Ryan, Skyler Navratil, Madison Quinn, Matthew Benedito and Timothy Krawcyk. You might hear some familiar words in the song "Lady Liberty" by John Riggio. Prior to singing the song the poem, "The New Colossus" will be recited by Timothy Krawcyk, Skyler Navratil and Kara Campbell.
This first section of our program will end with the beautiful and meaningful song "You Are Our Heroes" by Jennings.
The song "Those Who Served," by Teresa Jennings begins our "Tribute of Thanks." American pride and gratitude will be displayed through the songs from the branches of our armed forces. Members of these branches who are in the audience will be recognized
and thanked by Logan Siegfried, Coast Guard; Alex Davies, Green Berets/Special Forces/ SEALS/Delta Force; Andrea Hart, Army; Claudia Cheslock, Marines; Janae Simpson, Air Force;
Alexis Hults, Navy and Adeline Hewitt, Army and Air National Guard. Adeline is also the speaker
for the National Guard song.
Students were asked to research their family history for past and present members of the military. Those students who chose to honor their military family members created a poster with information about their relative. They will be displayed around the cafetorium for the concert. Also, students who won the American Legion essay contest will recite their winning essay interspersed between song selections.
The final songs include "On Veterans Day" by Jill Gallina introduced by Lily Hannon,
"Proud of Our Veterans," by Jennings and "Taps". "Taps," arranged by Jennings, begins with a prologue of quotes read by Elizabeth Desmet, Anthony Ioppolo, Gavin Hearn, Alex Davies, Charlayna Ryan and Gabrielle Troch. South school graduate, Robert Mattern, will follow with a performance of "Taps" on his trumpet. Members of the local American Legion will then retire the colors.
Jean M. Shields, music director at the South Elementary and Mark Kirsten, principal invite members of the community to this special Veterans’ Day Tribute Concert.