By Peter Becker
Managing Editor
Hawley Borough taxes are to stay the same for 2013, even if they need to do some extra fund-raising.
Councilman Joseph Faubel, who chairs the Budget & Finance Committee, said some fund-raising may be tried in the coming year. Borough Council members, at the recent budget workshop, also talked about deferring their salary until later in the year, to help make the budget.
The proposed budget was adopted at the Nov. 14th meeting, totaling $385,660. Council plans to act on the budget and the proposed tax ordinance at the Dec. 12th meeting, which starts at 7 p.m.
The funds allocate $322,660 to the General Fund account; $30,000 to the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust (PLGIT); $8,500 for the Parks & Recreation account; $19,000 for Hawley Fire Department and $5,500 for Hawley Ambulance & Rescue Company.
Borough tax rates as proposed include:
General purposes:1.625 mills on each dollar of assessed valuation, or the sum of 1.625 cents on each one hundred ($100.00) dollars of assessed valuation.
Occupation tax purposes: 28 mills
Fire purposes: .325 mills
Recreation purposes: .15 mills
Street lighting purposes: .55 mills
Ambulance purposes: .1 mill
Per capita tax: $5.00.
Real estate transfer tax: 1/2 of one percent.