By Cheryl Mitchell
News Eagle correspondent
The Greene Township Emergency Management agency served food to many people for about $200 at the designated shelter at Promised Land Fire Company during the recent Hurricane Sandy emergency, Supervisor and EMA Coordinator MaryAnn Hubbard reported at their November meeting.
"We were there where we were called during the storm," noted assistant EMA coordinator David Miller.
Extensive power failure
"Due to the extensive power failures in the last storm, the township should purchase a generator with heavy duty extension cords to provide lighting, heat, and safety for EMA volunteers and possibly assist in residential medical emergencies," John Janosik, EMA volunteer suggested. "A 5500 watt generator is available from Harbor Freight for $845."
"I agree that a generator should be purchased but we need to research types and costs of generators prior to purchase," Supervisor Gary Carlton stated.
"The repeater was down from Monday night until Thursday during the emergency," Carlton noted, "We used cell phones to communicate."
Contract for snow removal
"The township should contract for a truck and driver for storm snow removal and cindering," Carlton suggested. "We would use our cinders and load them into the contracted truck."
"In the long run the township would save money, save wear and tear on the trucks and would provide extra help in a storm," he continued.
"It costs $160... -170,000 for a new truck with plow and spreader. If we are not going to run it more than a few months out of the year, it doesn’t pay to invest in a new truck. The State and other townships contract with private contractors for snow removal. It would result in more plowing done in a shorter period of time," Carlton concluded.
The supervisors agreed to advertise for private driver with truck for snow removal and cindering to cover 10-12 miles of road for the season. The bidder must provide certificate of insurance and meet truck qualifications. Bids will be opened November 21 at 7 p.m.
Wag tax?
"Greene Township is throwing away $800,000 per year by not having an income tax," resident Maria Osborne complained. "I resent paying one percent income tax to East Allentown Township. The money could be used to repair bridges."
"A wage tax referendum could not be placed on the ballot. The question must be authorized by the State legislature. The township could adopt a wage tax ordinance without having a referendum," Solicitor Jeffrey Treat said.
"The possibility of a township wage tax was discussed at previous meetings. Several were opposed. Taxes haven’t been raised in several years," Hubbard noted.
"I think 14 percent of the township residents pay income tax to other municipalities," Pike County Treasurer John Gilpin added.
Other matters
• The Supervisors agreed to split the Fireman’s Relief Fund of $32,133.70 equally between Greene-Dreher and Promised Land Volunteer Fire Companies.
• The Supervisors agreed to send a check to Dreher Township as reimbursement for Workmans Comprehensive Insurance for the Greene-Dreher Volunteer Fire Company in the amount stipulated by the Court.
"The math doesn’t seem to be correct on the bill from Dreher Township," Treat noted. The amount paid will be 45 percentage of the total bill as stipulated by the Court.
• Both Alan Kiersted and David Prell announced that they were pursuing the open township constable position.
• A Junkyard Ordinance public hearing is scheduled at the regular supervisors meeting 7 p.m., December 5. Copies of the proposed ordinance are available for public view at the township office.
• The 2013 budget is set for adoption at the regular meeting on December 5.
The Greene Township Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m., at the municipal building on Brink Hill Road in Greentown.