McClure Company’s Tony Baldassano, Mechanical Designer, discussed his responsibilities with Wallenpaupack Area High School juniors Jeff Alderfer and Robert Hoffman last June. Considered experts in the residential and commercial heating and cooling field, McClure Company also installs solar and geothermal systems. The district arranged for Jeff and Robert to job shadow with Mr. Baldassano since they are interested in pursuing engineering degrees and are striving to pinpoint particular fields. Currently, Wallenpaupack Area School District is converting its HVAC systemto a more efficient and economical geothermal one. Mr. Baldassano and the juniors climbed onto the school building’s roof while the engineer explained his role in the conversion process. Baldassano also showed them all of the HVAC units that his company is currently removing. Jeff was impressed to learn that McClure guarantees that the new geothermal units will pay for themselves in 20 years. Robert found it interesting to discover all of the factors involved in tying a heating and cooling systems into a commercial structure. Career Coordinator Colleen Edwards appreciated Mr. Baldassano’s personable approach and the time he spent with the students.