By Peter Becker
Managing Editor
Among the agenda items at the last Pike County Commissioners' meeting was the appointment of Sally Corrigan as Conservation District Executive Director.
Corrigan was transferred to this post from her prior role as Executive Director of the Pike County Office of Community Planning. The action was taken following the retirement of Susan Beecher who served as head of the Conservation District 23 years.
There were 12 applicants for the position, Commissioner Chairman Rich Caridi stated. He noted that the Planning Department and Conservation District work closely together.
Michael Mrozinski, in turn, was promoted to Executive Director at the Pike County Office of Community Planning. Mrozinski has been serving as Assistant Director.
Corrigan and Mrozinski begin their new roles effective December 11th.
DV Superintendent
John Bell, who was named Delaware Valley School District Superintendent by the School Board last summer, was introduced. Bell briefed the Commissioners on projects the District is undertaking, and offered to work together with the County where they can.
Bell previously served at Delaware Valley as Middle School Principal, and was Assistant Superintendent at the Port Jervis School District when he was hired to his present position.
He reported that as of Nov. 15th, Delaware Valley was free of debt from their building projects.
The School District is waiting for permits from Milford Township for their new elementary school. Once the new elementary school is built and the old school torn down, projects at the high school can commence. One project that is going ahead at this time is a new football stadium.
Westfall Township has given their approval for the stadium at the main campus. The new stadium will feature two sets of bleachers, facing each other, rather than only one. This will keep supporters from the two schools at a home game from co-mingling, he said.
High school projects being discussed include a new gymnasium. Bell stated that there are 1,770 students at the high school. The present gym was constructed in 1995 when there were 1,500 students in the entire District. Now, 17 years later, there are close to 5,000 students.
Enrollment, however, has decreased. They had as many as 5,700 students, Bell noted.
Bleachers will also be installed at the indoor swimming pool.
New debt service for projects being planned will not impact local taxpayers, added William Hessling, Business Manager for the School District.
Bell reported that over 90 percent of their seniors continue to secondary education. They also had 126 national AP Scholars last year, which was ahead of all school districts in northeast Pennsylvania.
Asked about the impact from Hurricane Sandy, Bell stated that Delaware Valley was closed for five days. Those days were taken from their "snow days."
Adjustments to their school calendar in the 2013-2014 school year are being explored. Parents were sent letters asking them to choose among three options, one which would have Delaware Valley begin classes the day after Labor Day rather than in late August.
Other business:
• County Commissioners received one bid to replace a boiler in the Administration Building. Action on the $84,000 bid was postponed until Nov. 28 so that the specifications can be reviewed. Caridi stated that they have to get a new boiler. The Administration Building has two boilers, both 35 years old, and one failed. He said that an irreparable part cracked.
• Rev. Paul M. Mullen of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Dingman Township, opened the meeting in prayer.
The Commissioners meet on the first and third Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the County Administration building on Broad Street, Milford.