HONESDALE- Jennifer A. Barrise was sentenced on Thursday, December 6 by the Honorable Judge Raymond J. Hamill of Wayne County Court of Common Pleas on the charge of Murder of the Third Degree to seven to 14 years in a state correctional institution.
On September 7, 2012, Jennifer A. Barrise pled guilty to Murder of the Third Degree involving the killing of her newborn baby, Jaqueline Amber Barrise.
The Wayne County District Attorney, Janine Edwards, filed a Sentencing Recommendation to the Court asking that Jennifer A. Barrise be sentenced to a term of 20 years to 40 years in the state correctional system.
Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said "This is a case I’ve dealt with since day one in office. I am pleased that both individuals involved, Christopher Fitzpatrick and Jennifer Barrise, pled guilty to murder charges. I spoke in court today not only for the victim, baby Jacqueline, but also for our community. This was a brutal murder in Wayne County and one that required justice and severe punishment for those responsible.
"Jennifer Barrise willfully disregarded the life of her newborn infant girl when she gave birth in the car, left the baby on the floor of the car, allowed her to be covered with a sweatshirt thrown on top her and then walked away. Jennifer Barrise knew what her co-defendant Christopher Fitzpatrick was going to do when she got out of that car last May. I argued today for the maximum sentence for Jennifer Barrise of 20 years to 40 years as justice for her part in this crime.
"I would like to thank the Pennsylvania State Police for their hard work and professionalism in this investigation. That hard work aided in the guilty plea to Murder of the Third Degree from Jennifer Barrise and a plea of Murder in the First Degree from Christopher Fitzpatrick."