By Cheryl Mitchell
News Eagle correspondent
Junk vehicles stored on private property in Greene Township will violate the Junk Vehicle, Junk Yard, and Salvage Yard Ordinance beginning December 10. The Greene Township Supervisors adopted the ordinance on Wednesday, December 5.
"Junk vehicles cannot be stored without having a junk yard license," Solicitor Jeffrey Treat explained. "Complaints must be filed with the township, will be investigated, a letter sent to the violator and fine will be assessed."
Junk is described in the Ordinance as "scrap, trash, debris, and disabled motor vehicles." A junked motor vehicle is defined as a "motor driven vehicle incapable of being used for its intended purpose and shall include non-registered or non operable vehicles."
A junk or salvage yard "is any area of land containing junk which principally occurs buying, keeping, dismantling, processing, recycling, salvaging or offering for sale or the storage of two or more junked motor vehicles outside of any building."
Any wishing to have a junk yard must secure a license to operate a junk yard from the Township. Licenses are valid for one year and are subject to annual renewal. Applications must include land development plan and public hearing.
Junk yard requirements
Requirements must include drainage of water, 30 foot fire lanes around inside of perimeter, 20 foot fire lanes 100 feet apart running parallel, fire lanes must be constructed of rock or ash at least 6 inches deep, 3,000 gallons of water and adequate chemical fire extinguishing solution or mixture must be maintained on the property.
It must not constitute a nuisance or menace for the health, safety and welfare of the residents and must not provide a breeding place for rodents or vermin. No oil, petroleum, asphalt shingles, are allowed to be burned. Junk should not be piled higher than 8 feet and less than the height of the fence or screening height. The solid fencing or screening must be more than 25 feet from road right of way and property lines. All fluids must be drained from vehicles. Minimum lot size for junk yard is 2 acres.
Fines range from $300-$600 each day of violation.
Budget vote rescheduled
The 2013 Township budget was not advertised in time for the required 20 day review period prior to the supervisors meeting. A special meeting is scheduled Monday, December 17, 7 p.m., to consider adoption of the budget and any other special business.
The 2013 proposed budget includes proposed revenue of $619,645 and proposed expenditures of $500,205. Tax will not be increased.
No emergency generator
The supervisors could not agree to research prices on a generator for township emergency management use.
"A generator located at the Hemlock Grove Methodist Church emergency shelter would be a central location for the township where residents could ‘plug in,’" Supervisor Ed Simon suggested.
"A portable generator could go to various sites to assist residents," Chair and EMA Coordinator MaryAnn Hubbard stated. "Promised Land Fire Hall as an emergency shelter can assist more people than the Hemlock Grove Church. Pike County Transportation provided transportation for residents from their homes to the fire hall where hot food was available during Hurricane Sandy," Hubbard explained.
Roger Altemeier, resident, suggested that the township search for a grant for the generator at the church.
The reorganization meeting is scheduled Monday, January 7, 4 p.m., with the regular January meeting to follow.