On Dec. 10, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy and Beaver Run Hunting and Fishing Club celebrated the protection of the 857-acre, natural resource-rich property in southern Pike County.
With funds from PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pike County’s Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program, and the Common Waters Fund, the Beaver Run property is now protected with a conservation easement held by the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.
Protecting the Beaver Run property has been a model of cooperative effort between the private club, the nonprofit Delaware Highlands Conservancy and county and state agencies, the Pike County Commissioners, the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
"DCNR is excited about the permanent protection of this important property," said DCNR Secretary Richard Allan. "DCNR is one among many partners who came to the table to provide the funding and do the legwork necessary to assure this 857 acres and all its natural assets are conserved."
The secretary noted "a conservation easement on the property provides for public trails and the protection of wetlands and clean water sources important to millions of people. The effective use of tax dollars through county funds and state grants like the Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund enabled the protection of the property. The work of all the organizations involved along with the club demonstrates how this kind of public-private partnership is good for all Pennsylvanians."
The Beaver Run property, made up of healthy forests and exceptionally clean waters, is home to native brook trout, eagles, beaver, otters, and other wildlife.
The water on the property, like Bushkill Creek, is filtered by its forests and eventually reaches the Delaware River, the clean water source for millions of people in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.
Three public trails
The three public trails that will cross the protected property connect adjacent blocks of the Delaware State Forest. The public trails make previously difficult to reach parts of the State Forest much more easily accessible to all visitors, residents, and outdoor recreational enthusiasts visiting state forestlands. Protecting the property preserves the scenic beauty, enhancing Delaware State Forest’s extensive trail system and providing great outdoor recreational opportunities for residents.
Sally Corrigan, Director of the Pike County Office Community Planning, notes that this project is an exemplary one for the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program. "Contributing Preservation Program funds to protect the Beaver Run property benefits all Pike County residents. The creation of a contiguous forested block and public access trails that enhance both ecological and outdoor recreational benefits for Pike County residents is excellent use of the Preservation Program funds meant to assure that Pike County maintains its scenic rural character."
The Beaver Run Hunting and Fishing Club has been in existence since 1895 and has a rich tradition of conservation and stewardship, including a notable visit by Gifford Pinchot early in the twentieth-century. Club President, Jim Pastva, is proud of the Club’s history and long term commitment to good stewardship. "We’re excited about the permanent protection of our property," asserts Pastva, "we have always been good stewards of our land, and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve taken this step to permanently protect all of the important natural assets here."
The ribbon cutting to announce the property’s protection was held at the property and attended by representatives of the Club and all the partners who participated in the project. Trail building activities for the public trails will take place in early 2013.
For more information on the protection of the Beaver Run property, conservation easements, or any of the Conservancy’s activities, call (570)226-3164, (845)583-1010, or send an email to info@delawarehighlands.org. Visit their website at