By Diane Houghtaling
We recently watched a Christmas movie about a woman who made a poor choice. Eight years earlier she had left her fiancé days before their wedding to pursue a career. Now she was tired of her lonely, miserable existence.
It was Christmas Eve and her "guardian angel" told her she could make a wish upon the Christmas star. As she gazed up into the sky that night, she wished upon that star that she could go back and make things right.
The next morning she woke up eight years earlier. She had seven days to change the course of her life. By the end of the movie, after once again struggling with her decision, she made the right choice to marry her fiancé and live happily ever after.
I wondered why I was feeling so happy for that woman until I saw it was my life being played out. The early years of our marriage were very rocky and we made a lot of bad decisions. Plagued with issues we didn’t know how to deal with, after six years of marriage I made the choice to divorce my husband.
Our choices lead us further down the road to destruction, and six years later I felt as the woman in the movie had. I’d had many years of a lonely, miserable existence and I wished I could go back and make things right. I also was given a second chance.
My second chance didn’t come by wishing upon a Christmas star but by surrendering my life to the One whose birth was announced by a star. Wise men followed that star many years ago to find the source of new life.
Almost 27 years ago, when my life was in shambles, I made the best decision of my life, one that I have never regretted. I acknowledged that I’d made too many wrong choices and lived a life of sin long enough. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and surrendered my life to Him. Since I’d messed up my life sufficiently I asked Jesus to take over and make my life right.
That’s when the miracle happened. God put a new love in our hearts for one another, put our marriage and family back together and gave us a second chance that most never get. We still had to learn to deal with our issues, but God helped us through it all.
During this season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, perhaps you’ve come to a place in your life where you would like a second chance. It only takes one right decision. As you acknowledge your sin and poor choices, ask God to forgive you and invite Jesus into your life. He will show you the way into new life. I guarantee it’s the best Christmas gift you’ll ever receive.
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