The Lady Bucks varsity squad battles East Stroudsburg North in a non-league game

HAWLEY — The story of the Three Little Pigs teaches children that if they build a strong house, a big, bad wolf cannot show up and wreck your day.

Chalk that up as a lesson well learned by the Lady Bucks, because no amount of huffing and puffing by the East Stroudsburg North Timberwolves could blow down the Paupack door.

In fact, if the Lady Bucks needed any more bricks for their house, they could have just picked them off from the floor under the Timberwolves' net.

That's pretty much all North could throw, mustering up only one basket each quarter while Paupack was off to the races, amassing 33 points during the same time.

East Stroudsburg North appeared confused much of the time … not knowing what play to run, or who was supposed to take the ball after a foul.

Paupack was quick to take advantage of the situation. Nicki Mann started things off for the Lady Bucks with a lay-up and was quickly followed by Paige Hiller with 2 points off a rebound.

Simone Person netted North's only basket early in the period. Alexix Roman would lead the Lady Bucks with 2-pointers nabbing three while Hiller would grab a second basket for 2 points, and Raeann Erhardt snapped up 2-points.

Danielle Palazzi would hit for a solo 3-pointer while Nicki Mann would go 1-for-2 from the free throw line, all as a part of the 18 point first quarter for the Lady Buckhorns.

It was all Roman and Nicki Mann for Paupack in the second period. Roman put back-to-back 2-pointers in the net before Mann claimed a 2-ponter for herself.

Then Roman hit for 2 before Mann scarfed up back-to-back baskets for herself. Person squeezed in just one 2-pointer for the Timberwolves before Buckhorn freshman Skyler Wirth hit the hardwood and drew a foul.

She hit 1-of-2 from the line following another 2-pointer courtesy of Roman making it 33-4 in the Lady Bucks' favor.

The Timberwolves finally came out of the den in the third quarter scoring twice within the first two minutes.

Shayna Almodovar, who for whatever reason, sat out the second quarter, netted two 3-pointers in the period as well, helping North gain some momentum.

Maria Rogers hit for 2 and for 3 while Bria Muhammed scored a 2-pointer. Kaelyn Ragonese and Irene Dispenza, along with Roman, Palazzi, Erhardt, and Hiller each shot for 2-pointers while Bridgette Mann swished a 3-pointer to help Paupack extend their lead to 48-17.

Buckhorn seniors and juniors rotated in and out through the last quarter, but let the underclassmen do most of the work for the remainder of the game while ESN, now somewhat composed but still beat-up, rotated through its deep but unthreatening bench.

Helena Bacheva helped the Timberwolves out with a 2-ponter and a 3-pointer while Almodovar hit for 2 more.

Paupack's' Bridgette Mann netted 2-points early on, Caitlin Gregory had back-to-back baskets, Dispenza nailed a 2-pointer, and Wirth added two baskets in the final period all to help finally close out the night for the Lady Bucks by taking the score to 60-24.

While running up the score isn't something any coach feels good about, what does one do when the youngest players on the squad are playing above the level of the opposing starters?

"The extra court time is certainly helping out the younger players," said Paupack coach Adam Holtzer.

"We took advantage of the big lead in order to work on some plays during the third quarter. We weren't trying as hard to defend at that time, so they snuck a few by us, but our girls stayed focused and played a great game."