Pennsylvanians can purchase annual dog licenses from county treasurers beginning Dec. 1. State law requires all dogs three months and older to be licensed by Jan. 1 each year.
"A dog license is an inexpensive way to keep peace of mind in the event your dog gets lost," said Agriculture Secretary George Greig. "It’s your dog’s ticket home, and it’s the law."
Owners who fail to license their dogs could face a fine of up to $300 for each unlicensed dog.
An annual license is $8.45 and a lifetime license is $51.45. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.45 and lifetime is $31.45. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities.
A new website, helps dog owners access a dog license application, county treasurer contact information, Pennsylvania’s dog laws and an online tip form.
"This new website is a resource for all your dog licensing questions," said Greig.
"We’re making it easier for you to stay in compliance with the law and provide that extra protection for your dog."
Licensing fees support the department’s Dog Law Enforcement Office, which is responsible for ensuring the welfare of dogs, regulating dangerous dogs and overseeing annual licensing and rabies vaccinations.
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