The universe. The planets. Wind. Your shadow. It’s all science and it’s everywhere. Floating millions of miles above you as a star spins rapidly, and down here on Earth as you use your remote to change channels. They’re not as different as you may think. The type of electricity that powers the batteries in your remote control is the same type created by a spinning neutron star, light years away. The same principles apply to science here, there and everywhere. What are these principles and how do they work? Come find out.
"Here. There. Everywhere" is an exhibit supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Consisting of large image-based panels and hands-on activities, the exhibit’s purpose is to show anyone, no matter their age or education, the connection between cross-cutting science like Earth sciences, planetary sciences and astrophysics, with everyday occurrences. "Here. There. Everywhere" demonstrates the universality of physical laws and the connection between our everyday world and the universe as a whole in fun, interesting, and easy to understand ways.
The exhibit will be at the Hawley Public Library at 103 Main Avenue in Hawley, January 7th through January 28th, 2013.
No registration required and is admission is free.
Call The Hawley Public Library at (570) 226-4620 for more information.