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By Rob Meltzer
Jan. 2, 2013 12:16 p.m.

Fresh from his hypocritical comment that he regretted that the fiscal cliff legislation didn’t address concerns about a broader plan for taxing and spending, Obama boarded Air Force One to head to his frolic in Hawaii. Let’s do the numbers. The flight is costing the tax payers $4,000,000. Obama just raised taxes on families making $50,000 by $1,000 per year. That means that 4000 families, more people than live in Brimfield, will now receive a bill which will pay for Obama’s junket. Last night, it was 7 degrees in Brimfield. It costs about $1000 to fill an oil tank this winter. So I hope the good people of Brimfield enjoy huddling in their blankets around a candle, enjoying the pictures of Obama toasting on the sand at their expense. I presume this fulfills the campaign promises. I will change your oil money into my vacation slush fund. Forward to Hawaii!

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