Water drainage problems are being addressed in Hawley Borough, Councilman Jack Robertson reports.
The borough road crew was attending to a problem on Prospect Street, Thursday Dec. 20th.
Road Master Flip Kellerman and Streets & Roads Assistant Roger Smyth responded to 317 Prospect Street after a call had been made to the Borough office. They sandbagged the property at that address to prevent or minimize flooding damage caused by excessive storm water runoff. The water had overwhelmed the drainage system.
On the same day, they also inspected severe road erosion on the unpaved portion of Prospect Street, where it meets Route 590 (Hudson Street). The erosion was the result of an early morning storm.
The crew also opened blocked storm drains throughout the borough.
Robertson, who chairs the Streets & Roads Committee, stated that the borough is keenly aware of water drainage problems created during severe storms. He said that the streets department routinely inspect and open blocked storm drains.
"Residents can assist by maintaining their properties and reporting any problems to the borough," Robertston said.
Road erosion has also been a problem on the 200 block of Wangum Avenue. The borough is prioritizing the road for repaving and storm water draining, should funding come available, he said. Following a recommendation by the Road Master, Robertson asked residents to avoid parking on the 200 block of Wangum Avenue during snow and ice storms, to facilitate snowplowing and salting operations.
The first major snow storm of the season arrived Wednesday night, Dec. 26. Robertson, who was appointed to Council this past year, said he was amazed at the work the road crew must do to clear the streets. After traveling through the town Thursday to look at the roads, he said he was impressed with the crew's efforts at plowing the snow.
When there is a large snow storm or faced with back-to-back storms, the borough crew is assisted by a contractor in plowing streets and removing snow piles from plowing.
Borough residents are reminded of their responsibility to clear the sidewalk of snow and ice following a storm, and to ensure that fire hydrants are dug out.