By Peter Becker
Managing Editor
A property owner in Palmyra Township (Pike) still has $19,000 sitting in a Township account ready to claim. Township officials have been unsuccessful in trying to contact them over the past month.
The residents have a home on Route 390, where several years ago there was a fire in the basement. Due to the interior damage, funds were set aside from the insurance proceeds in a township escrow account. This is required by ordinance, to ensure that the property owner either rebuilds the structure or clears the lot. The residents later moved back into the home but never claimed the escrow funds.
At the Jan. 7th Supervisors' meeting, Administrator Jo-Ann Rose reported that the check was going to be sent by certified mail, but then paperwork found from the residents' insurance carrier made it less clear who should receive the check. The solicitor, Anthony Waldron II, will be researching the deeds to see under what name the property is now listed. It is believed that a mother and her grown son live there now, but at the time of the fire it was listed in the mother and who is now her late husband.
Roland Edwards, the Zoning Officer, attempted twice to deliver the check personally, but no one was at home. Township officials have not located a phone number, to call the residents.
Edwards commented that it appears the residents "don't read the paper" since The News Eagle has been carrying the story. Other Township residents, however, have read it and been mentioning it to Township officials.
Rt. 6 crosswalk upgrade
Also discussed:
• Bridget Gelderman of Greshams Landing and East Shore Lodging, reported to Rose that they wish to enhance their crosswalk across Route 6, to the lake tours and Tafton Dike at Lake Wallenpaupack. New signs are proposed, to improve safety. She wanted to know if the Township had responsibility for the costs. Supervisor Eric Ehrhardt indicated that PennDOT requires the Township to hold the permit for the crosswalk, but maintenance is left to the property owner. The business owners need to apply to PennDOT to make the changes.
• The Geldermans also requested approval to hold open air markets in the summertime, at Greshams Landing. Zoning Officer Edwards stated that there would be no problem if they had as many as three open air markets.
• Concerning a lake tour boat flag that was requested by the Gedlermans, Edwards said that flags are allowed but if they carried the business name, this is considered an advertising sign, which must be regulated. Rotating or flashing signs are not permitted.
• The 2013 reorganization meeting, held that evening, brought no changes in appointments.
• Michael Scobel, representing Atlantic Ambulance, asked to talk about their service, at the Jan. 22nd Supervisors' meeting.
• A workshop was scheduled for 7 p.m., Jan. 22, a half hour prior to the regular supervisors' meeting. Michael Sullivan, Executive Director, Pike County Economic Development Authority, asked for the session. The workshop is open to the public.
• Waldron advised continuing a court hearing appointment for a resident off of Atlantic Avenue, who has had an unkept yard. Edwards said that the resident has made a "pretty good effort" in cleaning the property, and what is left he said is not necessarily "junk." Waldron suggested giving them till spring.
• Pike County ALS will be told to apply for a "Certificate of Use" for the facility they operate off of Route 6. Requirements were suggested that no siren be used until the paramedic vehicle gets to Route 6, and that living quarters not be established.
• The Township ice rink has been in use.
Palmyra Township Supervisors will resume meeting on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m., in February. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Jan. 22, the fourth Tuesday. Meetings are held at the Township offices off of Gumbletown Road. The office may be reached at (570)226-2230.