By Tim Sohn
News Eagle Correspondent
The Shohola Board of Supervisors approved a three percent raise for six of the township’s employees at January’s reorganization meeting after going into executive session to discuss salaries.
"I know we all discussed the economic situation and everything else, but I believe the employees [of the township] are doing a good job, and they know that we appreciate that," said Republican Supervisor Keith Raser at the Jan. 7, 9 a.m., meeting at the township building.
The following township employees will receive 3 percent raises resulting in these salaries:
• Treasurer Secretary/Treasurer Diana Blume: $18.03
• Maintenance Director John Knapp: $17.26
• Roadmaster Robert Meyers: $17.77
• Part-time Maintenance/Road Crew/Custodian Jim Cue: $10.82
• Zoning Officer Robert DiLorenzo: $16.23
• Assistant Police Chief Donald Roa: $15.71
George Fluhr Jr. will remain Board of Supervisors chairman, and Greg Hoeper will stay on as vice chairman. Keither Raser is supervisor.
Hoeper mentioned that he didn’t see Kathy Bartsch’s name on the re-appointee list; Bartsch did custodial work cleaning the township building for the last 17 years. According to Diana Blume, township treasurer/secretary, Bartsch quit – and has quit other times in the past. However, Bartsch has not submitted an official letter of resignation. The board went into executive session to discuss the matter, and when the public meeting reconvened, it voted to send a letter to Bartsch asking if she will reconsider staying on. In the meantime, Jim Cue, who does part-time maintenance/road/custodial work for the township, is taking on her responsibilities.
The supervisors also re-appointed:
• Diana Blume as secretary, treasurer, open records officer and planning board secretary;
• Jason Ohliger as township solicitor, and Galasso, Kimler & Muir as alternate solicitor;
• Robert Myers as roadmaster; and
• Clint Malzhan as acting emergency management coordinator.
In addition, the supervisors re-appointed three members of the zoning board; Jack Kirk was voted in as a permanent member. He previously was alternate member. Eric Hamil will stay on as zoning board solicitor, pending OK of the zoning board, and Robert DiLorenzo was re-appointed as zoning officer.
Supervisors also re-appointed the five members of the building hearing board, and Hamil will continue to serve as solicitor of that board, pending approval of the building hearing board.
The Planning Commission re-appointed its five members, and Jason Ohliger will continue as its solicitor.
Other appointments by Board of Supervisors include:
• DiLorenzo as sewage enforcement officer;
• Michael Kaub as alternate sewage enforcement officer;
• Codes Inspections Inc. as building code enforcement;
•Patricia Jeffer as Upper Delaware Council delegate, and George J. Fluhr and Aaron Robinson as alternate delegates;
• George J. Fluhr as township historian;
• Myers as road task force delegate;
• Knapp as maintenance director;
• Cue as part-time maintenance/road crew/custodian staff;
• Scott Carney as police chief;
• Donald Roa as assistant police chief;
• John Fuller as township engineer, and Keystone Consulting as alternate township engineer;
• Anthony Lapari Sr. as vacancy board chairman; and
• George C. Fluhr on Marcellus Shale Task Force, and John Sommers as alternate.
In addition, the board OK’d the re-appointment of the following Shohola Fire Police:
• Jean Gannon;
• John Cunnane;
• George J. Fluhr;
• Irwin Bailer;
• Bob Sell;
• Miles MacGregor;
• Al Cue;
• JoAnne Cue;
• Matt Wiemann;
• Jim Cue;
• Dan Buttaro III;
• Sophie Mugan;
•Joshua Mugan; and
• Joshua Kutchma.
The board also appointed the following members of the Park and Recreation Committee:
• John Knapp;
• Jennifer Hamil;
• David Myers;
• Diana Blume; and
• Bernadette Knapp.
At the regular meeting of the board following the reorganization meeting, Fluhr said the township needs to advertise for a new actuary because the current one is too expensive. According to Fluhr, the township paid $7,800 per pension in 2012.
Shohola Township Fire & Rescue will host its annual February Thaw Chicken Barbeque on Saturday, Feb. 16, 4-7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the township building. Price is $10 per person.
The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be Feb. 14, 7:30 p.m., at the township building, 159 Twin Lakes Road, Shohola.