By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

Hawley Council on Jan. 9th approved the transfer of a liquor license to Mill Market LLC, which operates the grocery store on the first floor of the Hawley Silk Mill.

There were no dissenting votes. Councilman Joseph Faubel was absent.

Micro-brewery beers and other types not readily available in the area will be sold there, said James Murray, a retired State Police man who worked with the PA Liquor Control Board and served as a consultant for the Mill Market's application. The product will be able to be consumed on premises or carried out, to the maximum of two six-packs, said Anthony Waldron II esq., one of the Hawley Silk Mill's developers.

Waldron said that Lackawanna College officials were notified of their intention, and there was no objection. He said it was conceivable that sale of alcoholic beverage could eventually occur at the Cocoon, but it was up the Liquor Control Board. The Mill Market LLX also operates the Cocoon Coffee Shop across the road. Justin Genzlinger added that the intention is to limit the product to small batch craft beers, but there was a chance that they would later offer wine by the glass. He said they would need a separate license to sell Pennsylvania wines. Genzlinger stressed that they were not planning a "bar."

The license was transferred from Keuster's tavern in Beach Lake, which has been closed for years.

Mill Market LLC opened in the summer of 2012 and offers food products including gourmet and organic varieties, produced within a 200 mile radius of Hawley.