By Gina Spinelli

News Eagle Correspondent

The Delaware Valley School District held their board meeting on Thursday January 10th in the Administrative Offices. One of the topics discussed, funding the PA Cyber Charter School and other for-profit organizations, became well heated as Jack Fisher, along with a few other board members, shared their concerns.

"We don’t get any types of reports on how our money is being used for our students," said Mr. Fisher, which seemed to be his top concern about the issue.

As of the end of January the latest amount that Delaware Valley School District is spending is $618,777 on the PA Cyber Charter School, with $1.3 million being the estimated cost for the year. Fisher states that there is no accountability and that they just want to see documentation of how their money is being used, such as expenses for administration, public relations, and advertising.

Not paying these for-profit groups could put Delaware Valley School District at risk of losing their state aid. The board members agreed that for now the best solution would be to send a letter requesting these for-profit organizations such as the PA Cyber Charter School to send their latest financial statements, and some other financial information.

There are 120 students enrolled in charter cyber school from Delaware Valley.