The Buckhorns became DV's latest victim in this ongoing Lackawanna League war

MILFORD — A road trip to Milford didn't yield great results for the Buckhorns Tuesday as they squared off against the Warriors in front of a packed house.

Many of the Paupack faithful were in attendance, eagerly anticipating that they would see Jake Brown mark his 1000th career point.

However, a tough Warrior defense paired with some bad luck just didn't make that so.

First Quarter

DV's Brent Fragola dropped in two baskets before Paupack could respond.

After several minutes of physical play, it would be Tyler Brexel who would shake the silk first for the Bucks.

Bryan Schor would sink a deuce for DV, but Brexel would fire right back with another bucket.

Good defensive blocks at both ends of the court prompted turnovers, but Conner Decker and Troy Smith each bounced in two for the Warriors.

Paupack would strike back close to the end of the quarter.

TJ Root rebounded off a missed shot from John Steffen, closing the gap, but still finding the Bucks down 6-10.

Second Quarter

A 2-pointer from Fragola started things off in the second.

Fouled on his next attempt, Fragola went to the line making 1-of-2 before Troy Smith would drain a 3-pointer for DV.

Recomposed, Root would come in for two from underneath and Eric Miller would hit for three, putting some wind back in the Buckhorns sails.

A pair of baskets from Decker and Fragola slapped Paupack back down before the heavily guarded Jake Brown finally caught a break and went 2-for-2 from the line.

Anthony Bouselli followed with two, but Fragola came back with three, driving up the score even more.

Brown would sneak in another 2-pointer for the Bucks, but Decker beat the buzzer for DV,keeping the Buckhorns back 17-23 at halftime.

Third Quarter

Schor kicked off the second half with a duce for DV, and shortly thereafter Bouselli went 1-for-2 from the line for Paupack.

Miller would then unleash a bombardment.

Eric hit for three, was countered with two from Fragola, and then fired back with two of his own.

He then traded treys with Zach Stauffer before Troy Smith would add a bucket for the Warriors' effort.

Bouselli, sinking a 2-pointer, was fouled but failed to grab the plus one.

Brown would get his only point of the period, going 1-for-2 from the line before the close of the quarter.

While both sides remained fast and showed aggressive play, Paupack shooting still couldn't make up the difference and they trailed 29-34 at the end of three.

Fourt Quarter

Smith, Fragola, and Schor each hit for two, keeping DV rolling early in the fourth.

A basket by Bouselli put something on the board for the Bucks, but as fouls increased on both sides, field goals ceased and trips to the line became the norm.

Steffen missed a 1-and-1 opportunity, but made good on his next try, getting both.

Miller would sink another 3-pointer in the midst of multiple Warrior free throws, while Brown would tip a basket in as well.

Six more fouls would yield seven more points for DV before the time finally expired.

All in all, DV tallied 18 points in the fourth quarter to claim victory over Paupack, 52-40.


The first division loss is a setback for the Buckhorns, but with both teams coming into the game with a 9-3 record, something had to give.

"DV's an experienced team," Coach Rich McGinnis said.

"They returned four out of five starters. They were also very fast setting up their defense and screened well. Defensively, I don't think we were that bad, we were too passive on attacking but we had some guys step-up tonight and that's always good.

"While they kept Jake Brown down offensively, what they didn't count on was his defensive abilities. I don't think a lot of people know that he can play both sides of the court, and he was able to stop a lot of their shots."

Brown, now just six points shy of his career 1000th point, will surely be bringing in another packed house when the Bucks square off against Valley View.

Score by Quarters...

WA (3-1) 6 11 12 11 – 40

DV (4-0) 10 15 9 18 – 52