By Gina Spinelli

News Eagle Correspondent

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 17th Delaware School District had their board meeting in their Shohola Elementary School Cafeteria. The meeting started off on a honorable note, with January being School Director recognition month.

Awards were given to each of the school board member for servicing their time to the students.

The meeting took a turn on a more serious note though with the discussion of increasing taxes.

The board has not had to raise taxes for the last six years. Taxes may have to be raised this year, not because of the building of the new elementary school, or their other recent projects but because of post retirement benefits, and pensions.

"We are going to have to meet financial obligations that we have absolutely no control over," board member John Wroblewski stressed.

Due to the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the school also wants to be able to refocus on their security by increasing their police presence, re-keying locks, adding more security systems as well as other precautions, which they also have to factor into their budget.

Other items that were discussed at the board meeting were the approval of a few policies such as policies 810.1 and 810.2 which covers drug and alcohol testing of bus drivers, and the use of video cameras on buses, and also policy 815.1 which covered social media.

In addition the school board approved tax collectors' salaries for the next four years. They chose Version A out of the three different versions created. Further details of the policies are on the Delaware Valley School District’s website,