By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

Palmyra Township (Pike) was finally able to deliver $19,000 to its rightful owner.

Since early December, Township officials have been trying to contact a homeowner on Route 390, who has $19,000 from fire insurance proceeds sitting in a Township bank account for several years. The money was put in an escrow account as a guarantee that the homeowner would repair the damages or remove the remains, following a blaze. An ordinance requires this to help prevent fire-damaged properties from becoming a dangerous as well as unsightly nuisance.

The family had since moved back in the home.

Roland Edwards, Code Enforcement Officer, reported at the Jan. 22nd Supervisors' meeting that someone had stuffed a related newspaper article in the man's mailbox. The Township had also been trying to determine who in the family they should legally have the check made out. A mother and her grown son live there; the insurance policy was in the mother's name but the son now has ownership of the house.

Attempts were made by Edwards to hand deliver the check but no one was at home, and there was no listed phone number found for the residents.

The son contacted the Township and made arrangements to stop over for the check.

Other matters:

• Bernadine Lennon complimented the Township for the good care given to Old Greentown Road this winter.

• Electronic recycling is expected to be included again with the annual cleanup day, held in the spring for Township residents.

• The Escape Property Owners Association will be forwarding 10 to 15 residents to Edwards to obtain building permits.

• Brian Mathews, Maintenance Foreman, is in the process of building picnic tables for the Township beach. Three were done and another two would be soon.

• A water pump was installed at the skate park, which is set up on the basketball court for pubic enjoyment.

• Forty five tons of salt have been delivered.

• A new surveillance video camera will be purchased to allow better views of the dumpster area. The camera there now will be turned to the parking lot. The quote accepted from First Alarm Security totaled $1,225, for the new unit and moving the existing one.

Discussion about Atlantic Health System and a business park proposal were being reported in separate articles.

Palmyra Township Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Township offices off Gumbletown Road.