To the Editor:

We all know of sons and daughters of friends and family who died from drugs. Our Hollywood crowd is constantly in rehab. Many comedians , even the talented and goodhearted Ellen DeGeneres do comic routines about drugs. And yet Obama and the media have tried to use the shattered bodies of school children to disarm America.

I don’t know any children slaughtered in schools. But I have had to comfort too many parents who have lost children to drugs. Obama had no problem making those same children slaves to ObamaCare and leaving them with their share of his growing national debt ($50,000/per child ).

I suggest that we add a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution stating our right , as individuals ,to bear arms in no uncertain terms. It should guarantee our rights to due process,( which Obama and Bush II took away) and to have legal rights to challenge being on any no-fly or no-gun list the authorities may trump us to disarm us. Only then should we have to register our firearms.

Our rights are God Given. Our rights don’t depend on the whims of people like Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein as to how and who they think should be able to defend their homes and families! My rights should not depend on a packed supreme court that seems to favors illegal aliens, murderers and felons over those people with a clean record. And once again, our 2nd. Amendment rights has NOTHING to do with hunting deer!


Joseph DuPont, Towanda, Pa.

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