Wallenpaupack Area High School students Taylor Ruziecki and Victoria Ciszak had the opportunity to job shadow at No Limits Physical Therapy on Monday, December 17th. Local businesses and companies generously welcome the students to visit their offices and orientate them to the career’s dynamics and possibilities.

Physical therapists Mrs. Christine Augustine and Mrs. Susan Pasquini worked with the juniors: both outlined the course work the high school students would need, including high level math and science classes, to enter college and be accepted into a physical therapy program. They also described their educational requirements, professional skills, and work schedules.

Taylor commented, "To be competitive and to give myself an advantage over other applicants, Mrs. Pasquiniadvised me to take AP Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus and to gain practical experience by volunteering or working at an outpatient physical therapy office, which would also allow me to decide if I would like to work as a physical therapist."

While job shadowing, both juniors observed as Augustine and Pasquini worked with patients and employed various rehabilitation techniques. While Victoria watched Mrs. Augustine provide hip and knee therapy, she learned that physical therapists balance therapies. "Mrs. Augustine said that when a patient has injured a limb, physical therapists must provide exercises that work the injured and healthy limb."

Mrs. Edwards thanked Augustine and Pasquini for permitting Wallenpaupackstudents to visit No Limits Physical Therapy. Career Coordinator Colleen Edwards stated, "Overall, the students believed that this experience allowed them to see physical therapists in action and to gain information about what they would need to do in order to pursue this career."