To the Editor:

As a long time sportsman and a shooting sports coach for 4H, I personally don't think we need more gun control. However, the gun makers are eating this up and it is great for the business. The ammo companies and the gun makers are having a field day on the (FEARS of many) Fears of Americans. Fear sells and in this case sells guns. I am offended when someone calls my guns, weapons.

However there are weapons out there and they are called weapons in different applications, such as military and police protection. They are weapons and I am sure all of America understands that those types of protection and use of a weapon is necessary.

Fear, BOOOOO, send money to my address - your Second Amendments rights are not going to be taken away from you because of a law that's been on the books or I should say in Congress forever and will not ever pass with the authority to come and get your guns and America will take you away - BOOOO HELLO - IT SURE DO SELL GUNS.

I must say I wish the dairy farmers had a lobby in Washington and could come up with such a (pull the ax out from above your head scheme) to sell more milk or lower the prices of the milk and cheese you all need to eat. It is funny, editor, how fear works.

I can see this fear eventually coming to an end. All good things must. The thing that I dislike about this (FEAR) thing, it separates the rational thinking of our government and it's constitution

and divides us a citizens on who trusts whom. Many a day I read the paper and it is like "you're damned if you do or you're damned if you don't". Gun control and taking your gun are two different things. In my book I should not have to defend my opinion or have my patriotism questioned.


Peter A. Seman

Thompson, PA